VOCALOID Unity-Chan Announced for V4 Engine

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Recently, YAMAHA announced a collaboration project between VOCALOID and the Unity game engine. To mark the occasion, Japan’s moe mascot for the engine will be receiving a VOCALOID 4 voice bank. VOCALOID Unity-chan is set to be released in December of this year. VOCALOID Unity-chan Not much is known about the Japanese VOCALOID at the moment. Her design has been …

Vocaloid 4 YueZheng Longya Approved! Fans Can Recommend a Voice Provider!

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On July 30th, Vsinger announced a possible delay on YueZheng Longya due to investors doubting his popularity. Vsinger made a post on Weibo asking for 100,000 shares by August 31st to show the interest of fans. On August 8th, only 9 days later, that goal was reached. The next day Vsinger made an announcement that they would show the post …

“Unique Antique” Album by Yunosuke

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Yunosuke is a producer from Japan who mostly does EDM and has been uploading music for roughly a year.  I recently purchased Yunosuke’s first album “Unique Antique” and was not disappointed. The album has a  variety of 11 great tracks and an intro that covers many sub genres in the EDM category. The variety makes it feel like a various artist …

Design Contest for New Male VOCALOID Fukase Now Open

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YAMAHA has surprised the fandom with an announcement of yet another male VOCALOID. The new library will be VOCALOID Fukase and its voice provider is none other than Fukase from SEKAI NO OWARI. This marks the second high profile singer (the first being Sachiko Kobayashi voicing VOCALOID Sachiko) and the third high profile person (the first being Sachiko, the second …

Is there a VOCALOID Anime?

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If there’s one question guaranteed to set forth a fury of flames from angry fans, it’s someone asking what anime a VOCALOID is from or if there’s even a VOCALOID anime in existence. The short answer is, of course, that there isn’t a VOCALOID anime. An anime would give characters a canon personality and history and limit the creativity of …

IA/VT Colorful Released Today!

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One year ago, fans were eagerly awaiting the release of the video game IA/VT Colorful as its release date was set for July 31st, 2014. Unfortunately, a delay was announced shortly before and then another delay was seen after the first. But after a long wait, the PS Vita Game is finally being released! About the Game IA/VT Colorful is …